Habitat Homeowner Qualifications

Habitat for Humanity of Bedford County

If you are interested in becoming a Habitat homeowner, please read over the following general qualification criteria. At Habitat for Humanity of Bedford County, we strongly believe that everyone should have access to a safe, affordable house they can call home.

To successfully complete our vision, Habitat for Humanity of Bedford County partners with a wide range of individuals, community groups, businesses, and families. From the initial application, throughout the construction process, and until the keys to a new home are placed into the hand of our Partner Family, we work directly with each Partner Family. We help prepare for all of the responsibilities of homeownership, including personal finance budgeting and management, mortgage basics, credit management, home upkeep and maintenance, and other relevant areas of importance. Although the process in intensive and requires a great deal of dedication and hard work, this process has been shown to help ensure that our homeowners are able to achieve long-term success.

How to Qualify – The Basics

If you meet all initial qualification criteria and are selected as our Partner Family, you will be an active participant in building a better and safer home for you and your family in Bedford County, PA. Each home is an investment in your future, and well as the strength and stability of the entire community.

-All prospective Habitat homeowners must have a demonstrable need for safe and affordable housing. Selection and determination criteria differ from community to community. Contact Habitat for Humanity of Bedford County for a more detailed listing of the qualification criteria.

-If your family is chosen, you will partner with Habitat for Humanity of Bedford County throughout the entire process of building and helping to build your home and the homes of other participants in our Homeownership Program. This is what we refer to as “sweat equity,” and it may also include tasks such as serving as a volunteer in various capacities for Habitat for Humanity, participating in homeownership classes, etc.

-All Habitat homeowners must be willing and able to pay the affordable, low-interest mortgage. These payments are used to partially cover the cost of building additional affordable Habitat houses and operation costs.

Call Habitat for Humanity of Bedford County to learn more about the qualification criteria to become a Habitat homeowner, how to apply, and the length and conditions of the application process: 814-624-3443.

Who Can Apply to Be a Habitat Homeowner?

Anyone who meets the selection criteria for qualification may apply. Habitat for Humanity follows a
policy of nondiscrimination and neither race nor religion is a factor in the selection process.

Please take time to read the pre-application documents and family selection requirements before filling out the homeownership application. These materials may be obtained in person at our office.

The three major criteria for selection into the Habitat homeownership program are:

  1. NEED

The total household income must fall between the levels listed in this chart:

Number of Family Members Annual Income Range
1 $12,450 — $24,960
2 $15,930 — $28,560
3 $20,090 — $32,100
4 $24,250 — $35,640
5 $28,410 — $38,520
6 $32,570 — $41,400
7 $36,650 — $44,400
8 $39,050 — $47,100

*** Please contact the Habitat office for additional criteria
*** Income must fall within the 30% and 60% of HUD income guidelines